AWP | Lightning Strike Sniper Rifle Skins

AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New)
Factory New $ 788.35
Minimal Wear $ 728.13
Field-Tested Not Available
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon AWP
Skin Lightning Strike
Rarity Covert
Colors Purple

AWP Lightning Strike: Buy and Trade on SkinsMonkey

Trade In Your Awp Lightning Strike With the Best SkinsMonkey Bot, Which Lets You Quickly Swap Out Your Old CS:GO Skins for New Ones! With a simple yet deadly look, and popularity that won’t cease, the AWP Lightning Strike is a famous CS2 (CSGO) skin that can be easily recognized from a mile away.

Historical Record

The skin was added to CSGO on August 14, 2013, alongside the famous “Arms Deal” update. It became a part of the Arms Deal Collection and is among the first-ever CSGO skins that were released.

Market Demand

At best, the popularity of the AWP Lightning Strike is currently average. Its price, on the other hand, is a costly one ranging between $300 and $900. Regarding availability, this skin features a relatively decent amount of available listings on Steam and Third-Party marketplaces.

Design Description

The AWP Lightning Strike boasts a design as its name suggests, a bright lightning bolt on top of a metallic purple background. What’s especially admirable about the design is that it is highly realistic.

Basic Parameters

The AWP skin Lightning Strike is a Covert Sniper Rifle that is also available in StatTrak version. Its Float Value spans from 0.00 to 0,08, resulting in Factory New and Minimal Wear being the only available conditions you can get this skin in.

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