AWP | Graphite Sniper Rifle Skins

AWP | Graphite (Factory New)
Factory New $ 197.84
Minimal Wear $ 181.55
Field-Tested Not Available
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Battle-Scarred Not Available

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon AWP
Skin Graphite
Rarity Classified
Colors Black, Gray

Introducing the AWP | Graphite

Dive into the world of high stakes and high rewards with the remarkable AWP | Graphite skin. Known for its distinctive sound and unforgiving one-shot, one-kill rule, the AWP skin continues to be an instantly recognizable powerhouse in Counter-Strike.

A Lasting Memento from Agency

The AWP | Graphite serves as a cherished keepsake from the fan-favorite Agency map. Its unique design showcases a striking polygon pattern, ensuring that you’ll stand out on any server.

Stunning Metallic Paints on a Chrome Base Coat

This awe-inspiring skin is gracefully adorned with metallic paints of varying degrees of reflectivity, all masterfully applied over a sleek chrome base coat. This captivating combination of colors and finishes ensures that the AWP | Graphite will shine brilliantly and catch the eye of all who encounter it.

Pencils Down, Hands Up: The AWP | Graphite Experience

Prepare to dominate the battlefield with the AWP | Graphite skin in your arsenal. This masterpiece is not only incredibly eye-catching but also symbolizes the intense and high-stakes nature of the Counter-Strike experience. So, gear up, get your hands on the AWP | Graphite, and leave your mark on the game as an unstoppable force.

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