AWP | The Prince Sniper Rifle Skins

AWP | The Prince (Factory New)
Factory New $ 5,644.24
Minimal Wear $ 4,238.11
Field-Tested $ 3,631.20
Well-Worn $ 3,175.15
Battle-Scarred $ 2,932.42

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon AWP
Skin The Prince
Rarity Covert
Colors Orange

Introducing the AWP | The Prince Skin

Experience the exquisite blend of high-stakes gameplay and unparalleled style with the AWP | The Prince skin. This quintessential weapon in Counter-Strike combines both the thrill of risk and the satisfaction of reward, making it a fan-favorite among players.

Signature Looks and Unbeatable Performance

The infamous AWP is instantly recognizable by its iconic report and its merciless one-shot, one-kill policy. The AWP | The Prince skin elevates the weapon’s aesthetics with a luxurious custom paint job featuring a regal red base and ornate gold filigree details.

A Royal Touch for Your Arsenal

With the AWP | The Prince skin, dominate your foes while showcasing your refined taste for weapon design. The elegant combination of red and gold not only enhances visual appeal but also imbues a sense of regal authority - a clear reminder of who’s the ruler of the battlefield.

Let Peace Prevail with the AWP | The Prince

Embrace the power and sophistication of the AWP skin | The Prince, and let your opponents know that you mean business. Striking the perfect balance between deadly efficiency and majestic artistry, this skin will undoubtedly become the crown jewel of your collection. May peace be with you on your path to victory.

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