AWP | Fever Dream Sniper Rifle Skins

AWP | Fever Dream (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 13.26
Field-Tested $ 11.93
Well-Worn $ 11.13
Battle-Scarred $ 10.27

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon AWP
Skin Fever Dream
Rarity Classified
Colors Pink, Gray

AWP | Fever Dream: A Visionary Skin for the Bold

Experience a captivating blend of style and power with the AWP | Fever Dream skin. As the go-to sniper for those daring enough to handle the immense risks and even greater rewards, the AWP has already made its mark as an iconic weapon in Counter-Strike. Recognized by its deafening report and deadly one-shot, one-kill policy, the AWP skin has become a symbol of prowess on the battlefield.

A Dream-Like Design on a Classic Sniper

The Fever Dream skin takes the AWP to new heights of customization. It’s adorned with a black base that serves to heighten the vibrant hues of pink, blue, and purple drawings strewn across its body. These vivid colors and intricate patterns create a sense of delirium, encapsulating the daring and dangerous nature of the AWP itself.

Delirium is a Dangerous Thing: Embrace the AWP | Fever Dream

Take your sniping skills to the next level with the awe-inspiring design of the AWP | Fever Dream skin. The combination of striking colors and patterns atop a solid black surface showcases your unique style and packs a deadly punch. With the AWP | Fever Dream in your arsenal, you’ll not only turn heads but also eliminate opponents with unmatched precision and flair. Embrace the danger and become the ultimate force on the battlefield with the AWP | Fever Dream skin.

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