AWP | PAW Sniper Rifle Skins

AWP | PAW (Factory New)
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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon AWP
Skin PAW
Rarity Restricted
Colors Orange, Yellow, Gray

Introducing AWP | PAW - A Unique Skin for the Ultimate High-Risk, High-Reward Weapon

The notorious AWP skin is a fan favorite in Counter Strike, thanks to its unmistakable report and unparalleled one-shot, one-kill prowess. Now, you can elevate your AWP game with the exclusive AWP | PAW skin, featuring an adorable twist on the otherwise deadly weapon.

Fierce Feline & K-9 Design, Enhanced with a Creature in a Red Scarf

Capture your opponents’ attention and hearts with AWP | PAW’s unique design. The skin showcases a delightful array of felines and K-9s, ingeniously complemented by a mysterious creature wearing a red scarf. With this AWP | PAW skin, your AWP will be the talk of the game, striking fear in foes while melting their hearts at the same time.

Unforgettable Victory Rewards: Scratching Posts and Tennis Balls

Turn your triumphs in Counter Strike into precious paw-themed treasures! With the AWP | PAW skin equipped, each successful kill will reward you with one-of-a-kind victory prizes, including irresistible scratching posts and tennis balls. Secure your status as the ultimate animal lover, and lethal shot-player by acquiring this exclusive AWP | PAW skin.

Embrace the perfect blend of cuteness and lethality with the AWP | PAW skin and stand out from the competition, all while dominating your opponents with your unparalleled one-shot kill potential. Don’t miss out on this must-have skin for any dedicated Counter Strike fan and AWP lover.

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