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5/5 stars on Trustpilot

1 day ago

Excellent Service!

Made my first trade 2 days ago and everything worked fine. Saw the site because TDM_Heyzeus and LukeEats promoted them. It worked perfectly. I traded a knife for good items...

by HaggusMaximus
5/5 stars on Trustpilot

2 days ago

Simple and easy

Ive had nothing but success using this website. much better than paying the steam tax as someone who likes to try different skins.

by George Smith
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4 days ago

Great customer service

Great customer service! fast replies and really helpful. Would recommend contacting them if you dont know where your backpack is :)

by Jadon
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What Is CSGO Trading?

Ever since the game of CS:GO was released by the Valve corporation, there have been countless updates constantly making the game better and better. Ever since skins became an extremely popular part of the game, players and the community have found amazing ways to sell, gamble, giveaway, and trade CSGO skins. As a result, CSGO trading became a crucial part of the game, and an entirely new era was born.

Today, you have a variety of online CSGO trade sites that can easily allow you to trade your CS:GO skins. The process is quite simple, all you have to do is enable Trade Offers on your Steam account and simply find available CS:GO skins to trade. After that, you list the skins and items that you wish to showcase for trading and you can begin the process. Any players who want to trade will look at your inventory and decide whether to send you a trade offer invite if their items are worth it for yours. Check out some of the best CS:GO skins according to the editors of SkinsMonkey!

Is CSGO Trading Legit?

It's rare to find a CSGO or DOTA2 player who doesn't know about skin trading. Trading has been around for years now and many people have made it their profession to invest in skins and make money later on. In fact, CSGO trading is treated as a real job, it requires real Steam market analysis and a lot of learning if you want to make a living from it.

You can trade CS:GO skins both professionally, as a way to make some extra cash on the side, or simply to exchange your old items for new ones. It's not that difficult to make money if you want to trade skins, but this is a process that is done afterward. Trading is a simple process that only involves the exchange of skins and a few similar items. To answer your question, yes, CSGO trading is legit and is an immensely popular way to get the items you want, or make money.

How to Trade CS:GO Skins?

Trading CSGO skins is an easy process but you need to set everything up initially so that you will be able to freely trade skins afterward. This process is also simple, and it requires doing a few key steps on the Steam website before starting your CS:GO trading. Here is what you have to do from start to finish:

  • Set Profile to Public - Before you can start on any trading site, you will need to set your Steam profile to public. Without this, you won't be able to access any Trade Offer that comes your way. To do this, you have to head over to your Steam account and go to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile" and go to "Privacy Settings" on the left side. After that, find where it says "My Profile" and set this to Public.
  • Locate Steam Trade URL - From there, head over to "Inventory" and click on "Trade Offers". Then click on "Who can send me Trade Offers?" and copy the URL from there or create a new unique one.

By doing this, you have now enabled your Steam account to accept trade offers. You are now free to safely and securely trade CSGO or any other kind of items and skins. You can use this to engage private trades or easily connect to various CSGO skin trading websites.

Best CSGO Skin Trading Website

After over a decade of CSGO's existence, the number of skins that have been created, traded, sold, and bought is too astonishing to count. As a result, countless skin trading websites have been created but not all of them are great. This is why you need to find out the top ones that almost all players are using to trade their CSGO skins. Players who want to trade CS:GO skins often look for the same features.

SkinsMonkey is the best place to trade skins for users who are looking for one of the best experiences of this process. We offer amazing customer support, a market that is easy to use and provides a straightforward learning process, excellent fees and skin prices, trading instructions, great security, and the best conditions for all users.

Any user who wants to make a profit from trading can by making successful trades, after which they can sell for real money. Our platform offers the best service that allows you to get the items you want from countless Counter-Strike Global Offensive inventories. If you have items worthy for a trade, then you will have a great time.

How to Determine CSGO Skins Value?

This is where the trading sites that have the most information on the skins will come much more in handy. When the time comes for you to sell or trade CS:GO skins, you need to be aware of the skin's condition, price range, float factor range, and basically everything about it. This will help you determine the value of each skin and will help you decide whether your items are worth trading for others and making profits later on. Did you know that one of the most expensive CSGO skins is AWP Dragon Lore, which was sold for a record sum of more than $61,000?


This feature is a simple yet highly valuable one when it comes to trading items like skins. Users value StatTrak skins a lot more than regular ones, and the prices on these can be significantly higher. StatTrak is a feature that tracks certain stats for all sorts of Counter-Strike skins. Because of this, the weapon has more history and is a lot more unique. These types of skins can be valued a lot more on websites like SkinsMonkey and all the rest.

Wear Levels

Among the most important features of CS:GO skins is the condition it's in, or the wear level. There can only be 5 wear levels in which all skins can come including the following from best to worst.

  • Factory New (FN)
  • Minimal Wear (MW)
  • Field-Tested (FT)
  • Well-Worn (WW)
  • Battle-Scarred (BS)

These factors usually decide the price range of each skin. The rule of thumb is that Factory New skins will be more expensive than Battle-Scarred ones, however, it doesn't always apply. There are exceptions in which a certain Field-Tested skin can be worth more than a Factory New one. You can even see Battle-Scarred skins being a bit more expensive than Field-Tested ones, but it is still rare to see such a case.


Another important factor that can often be more crucial than the wear level of skins is the rarity factor or what's also known as Grade. All CS:GO skins can be found in 7 Grades. It won't matter if the skins you're considering are for M4A1's, Moto Gloves, Sport Gloves, a Talon Knife, or anything in between, they all have rarity grades that add or takes from their worth. The list of grades from most common to rarest includes:

  • Consumer-grade (white)
  • Industrial grade (light blue)
  • Mil-spec (darker blue)
  • Restricted (purple)
  • Classified (pinkish purple)
  • Covert (red)
  • Exceedingly Rare ★ (gold)

The website you choose to trade CS:GO items on should offer and display the grades, wear levels, and other information about them. These are a few of the key factors that will determine the market value of skins. You can use this to your advantage and learn whether it's going to be a good trade or a bad one. If the price is great, then you can trade with skins that can sell better than yours later on Steam market, or any others. Learn how to check the value of CS:GO inventory.

Can I Get Scammed Trading CS:GO Skins?

Scammers have and always will be around no matter in what industry you are conducting business. Even in the gaming industry, there are those who try to scam other users into giving them their valuable skins so that they can profit off of them and send back nothing in return to said users.

However, Valve corp and many other platforms are constantly updating their security field so that the community can enjoy safe, risk-free transactions and trades. Despite that, you can still get scammed by other users if you aren't careful. Now, this doesn't mean you have to monitor your Steam inventory 24/7. It simply means that you have to be careful and avoid any shady users or accept deals that you find too good to be true because they probably are. Here are a few scams you need to watch out for:

Phishing Scam

This type of scam can occur in many trades if you aren't being careful. It's quite the clever way of fooling someone into giving their contact info like their username and password away without even knowing it. A Phishing Scam is when someone sends you a link leading to a copy of a trusted website or a similar way in which you have to log in with your real password and username.

How they lure you into clicking on this link is by offering you something for free or another tempting item. Once they convince you to go on the site and log in using your real Steam password, they have your login info and can easily take over your account. So, don't trust shady users who offer great items for free. They can easily clean out your balance and take a lot of worthy skins. Also, check whether the website is safe and verified before proceeding with any trades. Take a look at our Freebies - Free CS:GO Skins tab where you'll find several opportunities to get free skins for the game! Don't fall for any phishing sites!

Showcase Scam

The Showcase scam is a less common and more difficult one to execute but still possible. This one works when a user adds you to play CSGO with you and first tries to become your friend. Once players gain their trust, these users will claim to be popular streamers or Youtubers and will ask for your valuable skins in order to showcase them on their channel. Once you send over the items, you are likely to never see them again.

Jackpot Scam

Another popular way of getting scammed from back in the day is a Jackpot Scam. This takes a while of planning and it involves you getting a message from someone who claims they are running a popular Jackpot website. They will ask you to send a few valuable skins and will promise that you will be manually picked as the winner. These sites often use bots to run this scam and make their websites appear legit to anyone. Stay away from offers like these if you see one.

Is It Worth Trading CS:GO Skins?

Given that Valve Corporation itself has set up an entire system to sell, buy, and trade CS:GO skins, we can safely say that this is very much worth it. It's a great way to get some fresh new skins for your old ones, to invest and make extra money later on, and to add a lot of unique items to your inventory. Take advantage of trading sites like Steam, SkinsMonkey, and similar ones for a great experience, a straightforward process, easy payment systems, privacy, and great support.

CS:GO Trading Tips

Any user who joins CS:GO trading websites is either looking to make some money or wants to make a successful skin trade in terms of receiving more valuable skins in return for theirs. When selling skins, later on, you need to keep in mind things like fees, commission, prices, and more. Here are a few tips that will make each skin trade more successful and start making some better changes to your balance.

1:1 Trades - The number one tip for these types of CSGO skin trades is to remain calm and stick to what you know. It doesn't matter which market you are in, the rules are the same. This also applies to the type of skins you are trading. It doesn't matter if it's a butterfly knife skin, skins for M4A1s, an AK-47, a Bayonet, or anything in between.

CSGO Trading Language - Another crucial feature that will improve your trading abilities is to know your language. You can't afford to make mistakes just because you didn't know what something meant. As a result, here are a few crucial terms that most people need to be aware of.

  • PS or Play Side - The side of the skin that can be seen while playing
  • BS or Back Side - The other side of the skin, which can be seen while inspecting the item
  • SS - Screenshot
  • C/O or Current/Offer - Best offer of a person
  • B/O or Buy/Out - a 100% accepted trade
  • Battle-Scarred (BS), Well-Worn (WW), Field-Tested (FT), Minimal-Wear (MW), Factory-New (FN) - Condition of a weapon, which defines the quality and leads to a higher or lower price
  • Blue Gem - A skin that is at least 80% blue
  • Autobump - Automatic bump on CSGO Lounge Trades
  • Full Fade Knives - 100% of the knife is covered in a fade
  • K/k - CS GO Keys
  • Overpay - Someone who has to pay more than the value to get a specific item
  • Trade-Up - Trading Steam items and skins for a profit
  • Lowball - The action of offering a lot lower price than the seller expects
  • QS - Quick Selling: If someone needs a specific item fast he will accept fast which generates profit quickly in specific cases

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