AUG | Wings Assault Rifle Skins

AUG | Wings (Factory New)
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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon AUG
Skin Wings
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Gray

AUG | Wings: Unleash the Ferocious Power of the Eagle

Soar High with the AUG Scoped Assault Rifle

Experience the perfect blend of power and precision with the AUG scoped assault rifle. Despite its slightly longer reload times, the AUG more than makes up for it with an impressively low spread and a rapid rate of fire. Rule the battlefield with immense control as you unleash the dominant prowess of the eagle through the mighty AUG | Wings.

Majestic Eagle Feather Decals

The AUG | Wings draws inspiration from the fierce nature of the eagle. The gun has been intricately adorned with dry-transfer decals that showcase delicate eagle feathers. This captivating design serves as a reminder that just like the eagle, you too can instill a sense of awe in your opponents before swooping in for the devastating kill.

Let the Eagle Be Your Guide

Epitomizing the soaring heights of victory, the AUG | Wings allows you to channel the tenacity and indomitable spirit of the eagle. With its unmatched elegance and a touch of ferocity, the AUG | Wings is an essential weapon to have in your arsenal for both casual and competitive gameplay.

Elevate Your Game with the AUG | Wings

Experience top-tier gameplay with the legendary AUG | Wings. Conquer the battlefield, dominate your foes, and let the world know that just like the illustrious eagle, you are a force to be reckoned with. Spread your wings and soar towards victory with the breathtakingly beautiful and fierce AUG | Wings. Don’t let its enchanting aesthetics fool you - this weapon is deadly in the right hands.

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