AUG | Contractor Assault Rifle Skins

AUG | Contractor (Well-Worn)
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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon AUG
Skin Contractor
Rarity Consumer
Colors Orange, Gray

AUG | Contractor - A Powerful Scoped Assault Rifle Skin

Discover the AUG | Contractor, a highly powerful and accurate skin for one of the most formidable weapons in Counter Strike - the scoped assault rifle. This unique skin not only offers style, but also packs serious firepower that enthusiasts will surely appreciate!

Low Spread and High Rate of Fire

Despite its long reload times, the AUG scoped assault rifle boasts low spread, ensuring maximum accuracy in every shot. It also offers a high rate of fire, making it the perfect weapon of choice for both long-range engagements and fast-paced gameplay.

A Combination of Tan, Navy, and Dark Green Hues

The AUG | Contractor skin showcases a captivating blend of tan, navy, and dark green spray-painted elements on various parts of the weapon. This fascinating color scheme perfectly complements the weapon’s sleek design, further enhancing its overall appeal to players who appreciate both looks and performance.

Rona Sabri - A Tale of Unforgiven Debt

The background story for this skin also adds intrigue, as Rona Sabri, a character in the game world, harbors lingering resentment towards Sebastien for not choosing her to pursue Turner. This aspect of the skin’s history enriches the flavor of the AUG | Contractor and undoubtedly interests players engaged with the game’s lore.


In summary, the AUG | Contractor skin is the perfect blend of power, accuracy, and style for any dedicated Counter Strike player. Its striking colors and fascinating backstory make it an attractive addition to any virtual arsenal. Don’t miss out on the chance to equip your character with this impressive skin!

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