AUG | Anodized Navy Assault Rifle Skins

AUG | Anodized Navy (Factory New)
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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon AUG
Skin Anodized Navy
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Blue

AUG | Anodized Navy: Masterful Precision and Stunning Aesthetics

Experience exceptional performance with the powerful and accurate AUG scoped assault rifle. Renowned for its low spread and high rate of fire, this elite weapon compensates for its longer reload times by providing unmatched precision in every shot. Its beautiful design, a memento from Ali, boasts a striking chrome base coat topped with transparent navy anodized effect paint, capturing attention on the battlefield.

A Tribute to Loyalty and Commitment

Felix Riley, the Commanding Officer who has already experienced the anguish of losing a comrade to Valeria’s deception, serves as the inspiration behind the AUG | Anodized Navy. Determined not to suffer any more losses, this special weapon serves as a symbol of steadfast loyalty and unwavering dedication to one’s comrades.

Stand Out with the AUG | Anodized Navy

Not only does this exquisite skin provide the outstanding performance you’d expect from an AUG, but it also makes a bold aesthetic statement. The captivating navy anodized effect paint enshrouds the rifle, evoking a sense of pride and commitment, while the chrome base coat adds to its strikingly sleek and polished finish. With the AUG | Anodized Navy, you’ll be outsmarting your enemies and turning heads at the same time.

Winning Equipment for Champions

For those who demand excellence in both form and function, the AUG | Anodized Navy is the ultimate choice. Embrace the power and accuracy of the scoped assault rifle, while showcasing your commitment to your team with its commanding, impressive design. Don’t settle for mediocrity – make the AUG | Anodized Navy your go-to weapon and dominate the battlefield.

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