AUG | Arctic Wolf Assault Rifle Skins

AUG | Arctic Wolf (Factory New)
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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon AUG
Skin Arctic Wolf
Rarity Restricted
Colors Gray

AUG | Arctic Wolf: Unleash The Power Of The Frosty Predator

The AUG scoped assault rifle is a formidable weapon, boasting remarkable accuracy and strength. Despite its longer reload times, this rifle more than makes up for it with a low spread and a high rate of fire, making it an ideal addition to your arsenal. Inspired by the stealthy and powerful arctic wolf, the AUG | Arctic Wolf features a striking custom paint job that captures the essence of this fearsome predator.

Unique Design: Wrap Your Weapon in Winter’s Embrace

The AUG | Arctic Wolf is more than just a powerful and accurate firearm; it’s a showcase of artistic mastery. Mimicking the pristine white coat of the iconic Arctic Wolf, the custom paint finish is guaranteed to make a statement on the battlefield. Stand out among your enemies as you decimate your foes and assert your dominance on the virtual battleground.

Every Round Is A Battle Royale

With the AUG | Arctic Wolf at your side, every round becomes an exhilarating 1v5 showdown. The sheer power and accuracy of this scoped assault rifle, combined with its unique arctic wolf design, firmly puts you in the driver’s seat. Dominate the competition with the combined might of ferocious firepower and awe-inspiring aesthetics.

Don’t miss out on adding the AUG | Arctic Wolf to your collection today, and leave your mark on the battlefield with the chilling presence of this frosty predator.

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