AUG | Snake Pit Assault Rifle Skins

AUG | Snake Pit (Factory New)
Factory New $ 0.15
Minimal Wear $ 0.10
Field-Tested $ 0.10
Well-Worn $ 0.10
Battle-Scarred $ 0.10

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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon AUG
Skin Snake Pit
Rarity Consumer
Colors Orange, Yellow

AUG | Snake Pit: Trade, Buy and Sell on SkinsMonkey

If you’re a fan of Counter Strike, you won’t want to miss out on the AUG | Snake Pit skin. This highly sought-after skin is available for trade, purchase, and sale on SkinsMonkey. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your collection or make some profit, SkinsMonkey is the ideal platform to find AUG | Snake Pit skins.

History of AUG | Snake Pit Skins

Added to the game on April 24, 2023, the AUG | Snake Pit skin is a coveted part of the Anubis Collection which came with The Anubis Collection update. This stunning design was created by none other than krM5. The rifle’s body boasts a captivating beige-brown pattern featuring intertwining snakes and amphibians, while the magazine showcases a solid beige color. The barrel, scope, and part of the receiver remain unpainted, adding a unique touch to this skin.

Who Created the AUG | Snake Pit

krM5 is the talented artist responsible for bringing the AUG | Snake Pit skin to life. With their creativity and attention to detail, they have crafted a remarkable design that has captivated Counter Strike players worldwide.

How Much Does AUG | Snake Pit Cost

The price of the AUG | Snake Pit skin can vary depending on its condition and popularity. You can find this skin available at different prices on the market. The value of AUG | Snake Pit skins fluctuates, making it an exciting investment opportunity for collectors and traders alike.

AUG | Snake Pit - Float Score

The AUG | Snake Pit skin’s Float Value can range from 0.00 to 0.55, making it available in various conditions. In Factory New condition, you may notice small abrasions on different parts of the weapon’s body. As wear increases, the number and size of abrasions become more pronounced, resulting in a darker appearance. However, this adds character to the skin, giving it a unique and battle-worn aesthetic.

How Rare is AUG | Snake Pit?

AUG | Snake Pit is considered a Consumer Grade skin, meaning it is not among the rarest skins in the game. However, its distinctive design and popularity make it a desirable addition to any player’s inventory. Although there is no souvenir version of this skin and it doesn’t come with a StatTrak counter, the AUG | Snake Pit’s allure remains undeniable.

Which CS2(CS:GO) Case Has AUG | Snake Pit?

The AUG | Snake Pit skin can be obtained from the Anubis Collection case. This case was introduced alongside The Anubis Collection update, giving players a chance to unbox the AUG | Snake Pit and other stunning skins from the collection. Keep an eye out for this case if you’re hoping to add the AUG | Snake Pit to your arsenal of stylish weaponry.

AUG | Snake Pit Collection

As part of the Anubis Collection, the AUG | Snake Pit skin adds a touch of ancient charm and unique flair to your loadout. Embrace the mesmerizing pattern of intertwining snakes and bring a hint of mystique to your gameplay. With its eye-catching design, AUG | Snake Pit is a must-have for any Counter Strike enthusiast.

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