P90 | Vent Rush Smg Skins

P90 | Vent Rush (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon P90
Skin Vent Rush
Rarity Restricted
Colors Red, Black

Introducing the P90 | Vent Rush Skin

Stand out from the crowd with the P90 | Vent Rush skin, designed for the esteemed weapon known for its distinct bullpup build. The P90 ensures incredible agility and accuracy on the battlefield, thanks to its high-capacity magazine and minimal recoil. This custom paint job perfectly encapsulates the speed and power you’ll wield with this skin.

Dare to Rush – A Unique Design

The P90 | Vent Rush takes creativity to the next level, combining the classic P90 design with eye-catching gaffer tape, tubes, and fire elements. This stylish skin not only enhances your weapon’s appearance but also captures the essence of the question, “Do you know how fast you were going?” Be prepared for your enemies to marvel at your weapon as you push through your battles with unmatched speed and precision.

Unleash the Power of P90 | Vent Rush

With the P90 | Vent Rush skin equipped, you’ll not only feel the exhilarating action in every shot but also experience the visual distinction that gives you the upper hand. Every strike, every takedown, and every action will be punctuated by the fiery and dynamic design that fuses with your P90 skins, allowing you to conquer your foes in style.

Get your P90 | Vent Rush skin today and leave an impression on your enemies, showcasing your artistic taste and unstoppable power on the battlefield.

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