P90 | Cocoa Rampage Smg Skins

P90 | Cocoa Rampage (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon P90
Skin Cocoa Rampage
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Orange, Yellow

P90 | Cocoa Rampage: A Dino-Tastic Addition to Your Arsenal

Renowned for its distinct bullpup design, the P90 skins is the ultimate weapon for on-the-go action, thanks to its sizable magazine and minimal recoil. The P90 | Cocoa Rampage takes this iconic weapon to a whole new level of prehistoric awesomeness with its captivating olive and gold-colored hydrographic pattern.

Get Ready to Stand Out with Cartoon Dinosaurs, Aliens, and Comets

The P90 | Cocoa Rampage isn’t your average weapon skin – it’s a celebration of otherworldly adventure and unbridled imagination. Feast your eyes on the quirky assortment of cartoon dinosaurs, extraterrestrial beings, and comets that adorn this unique hydrographic pattern.

Liven up your gaming experience and make a statement on the battlefield with the P90 | Cocoa Rampage. Prepare for jaws to drop and opponents to cower in fear as you let loose with this extraordinary and fun-filled skin. It’s time to embark on an epic, cosmic rampage!

Why the P90 | Cocoa Rampage is the Perfect Choice for You

Not only is the P90 an excellent weapon for those who love to stay on the move and maintain relentless pressure on the enemy, but the P90 | Cocoa Rampage skin also adds an element of personality and flair to your playstyle. With its olive and gold-colored hydrographic pattern and fantastic mix of cartoon dinosaurs, aliens, and comets, you’ll be as fearsome as you are fabulous.

Upgrade your arsenal with the P90 | Cocoa Rampage and let your inner dinosaur roar on the battlefield. It’s time to unleash a rampage like no other, and cement your status as a true force to be reckoned with.

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