P90 | Trigon Smg Skins

P90 | Trigon (Minimal Wear)
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Type SMG
Weapon P90
Skin Trigon
Rarity Classified
Colors Orange, Gray

P90 | Trigon: Unleash the Storm Within

The P90 | Trigon is a distinctive weapon skin that adds a touch of style and flair to your gameplay in Counter Strike. Known for its exceptional bullpup design, the P90 skins ensures swift moving and firing, letting you be the storm that sweeps through the battlefield.

Experience Unrivaled Firepower on the Move

The P90 boasts a high-capacity magazine and minimal recoil, allowing for unparalleled accuracy and rapid firing while in motion. With the P90 | Trigon, you can confidently dominate any match with agility, precision, and speed.

Showcase Your Unique Style with Eye-Catching Colors

Custom-painted with a bold combination of orange, gray, and black, the P90 | Trigon’s contrasting colors make it easily recognizable and a perfect fit for players who want to make a statement on the battlefield. Stand out from the crowd with this striking, artistic design.

Become a Human Typhoon with the P90 | Trigon

Make the P90 | Trigon your weapon of choice and embrace the destructive force of a human typhoon. Show off your personality and prowess with this vivid and captivating skin from SkinsMonkey.com, and leave a lasting impression in every match.

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