P90 | Neoqueen Smg Skins

P90 | Neoqueen (Factory New)
Factory New $ 1.70
Minimal Wear $ 0.85
Field-Tested $ 0.22
Well-Worn $ 0.21
Battle-Scarred $ 0.21

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Type SMG
Weapon P90
Skin Neoqueen
Rarity Restricted
Colors Orange

P90 | Neoqueen: Trade, Buy, and Sell on SkinsMonkey

Looking for a stunning and unique skin for your P90 skins? Look no further than the P90 | Neoqueen available on SkinsMonkey. Whether you want to trade, buy, or sell this skin, SkinsMonkey has got you covered.

History of P90 | Neoqueen Skins

The P90 | Neoqueen skin made its way into the CS:GO universe on February 10, 2023, as part of the Revolution Collection. This collection was introduced alongside the Case, Capsule, Kit, Oh My! update, offering players an exciting new range of weapon skins to choose from. The mastermind behind the creation of this skin is none other than Madara.

Who Created the P90 | Neoqueen

The P90 | Neoqueen was brought to life by the talented artist Madara. Their incredible attention to detail and artistic vision shine through in this skin, making it a must-have for any CS:GO enthusiast.

How Much Does P90 | Neoqueen Cost

If you’re wondering about the price of the P90 | Neoqueen skin, you’ll be glad to know that it’s available at competitive prices. Explore our selection on SkinsMonkey to find the best deals for this sci-fi-inspired beauty.

P90 | Neoqueen - Float Score

The float score of the P90 | Neoqueen skin ranges from 0.00 to 0.60, meaning that it can be found in various conditions. No matter which condition you choose, rest assured that this skin maintains its charm. From flawless finishes to a slightly worn appearance with a hint of purple, P90 | Neoqueen has a captivating presence.

How Rare is P90 | Neoqueen?

As part of the Revolution Collection, the P90 | Neoqueen holds a unique status within the CS:GO community. Its distinctive design and limited availability make it a highly sought-after skin. Show off your style and rarity with the P90 | Neoqueen in your arsenal.

Which CS:GO Case Has a P90 | Neoqueen?

To get your hands on the P90 | Neoqueen skin, you’ll need to open cases from the Revolution Collection. Inside these cases, you have a chance to find this exquisite skin and add it to your collection. Will luck be on your side?

P90 | Neoqueen Collection

The P90 | Neoqueen skin belongs to the Revolution Collection, a jaw-dropping assortment of skins that revolutionize the artistry and style in CS:GO. With its sci-fi elements and vibrant imagery, this skin stands out from the crowd, making it a coveted addition to any CS:GO player’s inventory.

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