Nova | Wood Fired Shotgun Skins

Nova | Wood Fired (Factory New)
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Type Shotgun
Weapon Nova
Skin Wood Fired
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Yellow

Nova | Wood Fired: The Budget-Friendly Ambush Weapon

As a Counter-Strike enthusiast, you’re always looking for the best skins to boost your gameplay experience. Introducing the Nova | Wood Fired, an affordable and effective weapon for those teams on a tight budget. Perfect for ambush tactics, you’ll be armed and ready without breaking the bank.

Distinctive Woodgrain Design

What sets the Nova | Wood Fired apart from the rest is its striking appearance. The wooden base of this weapon is skillfully painted green and adorned with eye-catching blue accents. To give it that extra touch of fierceness, burned-in flames have been added to the mix. You’ll definitely make a statement as you head out for the hunt.

Gone Hunting with Nova | Wood Fired

Equip yourself with the Nova skins | Wood Fired and embark on your hunting journey with confidence. With its low price point and powerful potential, this skin is an excellent option for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. So, load up, strategize, and become the ultimate ambush predator with the Nova | Wood Fired skin at SkinsMonkey.

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