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Christmas on SkinsMonkey

Nova | Moon in Libra Shotgun Skins

Nova | Moon in Libra (Factory New)
Factory New $ 6.46
Minimal Wear $ 5.81
Field-Tested $ 5.39
Well-Worn $ 5.28
Battle-Scarred $ 5.17

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Type Shotgun
Weapon Nova
Skin Moon in Libra
Rarity Consumer
Colors Blue

Introducing Nova | Moon in Libra Skin

Love astrology and playing Counter-Strike with an exceptional style? Look no further than the stunning Nova | Moon in Libra skin. With its combination of affordability and top-notch design, it’s a fantastic choice for players looking to make a statement while on a budget.

Outstanding Weapon for Ambushes

The Nova skins shotgun is well-known for its impressively low cost, making it the perfect ambush weapon for teams with limited funds. Strike fear into your opponents while keeping your budget intact, creating an advantage in both gameplay and finances.

Inspired by Zodiac Signs

This unique skin is designed with an intricate zodiac pattern, seamlessly blending astrology with the adrenaline-packed world of Counter-Strike. The hydrographic painting method delivers stunning visuals, ensuring you’ll turn heads and steal the show in every match. Combine your love for celestial events with the thrill of competition using the Nova | Moon in Libra skin.

Perfect for Finding Romance and Elimination Rivals

It’s said that with the Moon in Libra, one’s chances of discovering love and defeating foes increase drastically. Make the most of this fortunate time using the Nova | Moon in Libra skin; not only will you improve your in-game performance, but you might be lucky enough to find some romance along the way.

Upgrade your weapon skin collection with the captivating and budget-friendly Nova | Moon in Libra. Outshine your opponents and experience the thrill of victory beneath the stars, all while keeping your cash reserves intact.

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