Nova | Rust Coat Shotgun Skins

Nova | Rust Coat (Factory New)
Factory New $ 4.70
Minimal Wear $ 4.07
Field-Tested $ 4.07
Well-Worn $ 3.97
Battle-Scarred $ 3.97

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Type Shotgun
Weapon Nova
Skin Rust Coat
Rarity Industrial
Colors Gray, Black

Nova | Rust Coat: Affordable Power with an Aged Look

As a devoted fan of Counter Strike, you know that having the right weapon can really make a difference in the heat of battle. If you’re playing with a tight budget, the Nova | Rust Coat might just be the perfect choice for your virtual arsenal. Its unbeatable price tag makes it an ideal ambush weapon for any cash-strapped team.

Performance Unaffected by Rusty Appearance

Don’t let its worn and rusty exterior fool you – the Nova | Rust Coat is still perfectly operational and ready to deliver a powerful punch when needed. The rusted surfaces may give off an aged impression, but this battle-scarred beauty has a wealth of experience on its side. With the Nova | Rust Coat equipped, you’ll be able to show off your grit and openly display the dirty deeds that have led to your in-game victories.

Embrace the Rugged Charm of the Nova | Rust Coat Skin

When it comes to Counter Strike, the Nova skins | Rust Coat is a unique and appealing option for players who prefer a more rustic and rough-around-the-edges aesthetic. This skin celebrates the raw power beneath the rust – an homage to the untamed potential lurking within each player. So why not embrace the rugged charm of the Nova | Rust Coat skin and send a message to your opponents that no challenge is too great for you and your team?

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