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The Nova is a pump action shotgun skins available in Counter Strike 2 and Global Offensive. Thanks to its low price and high kill rewards, it is described as “a great ambush weapon for a cash-strapped team”. The CS2 (CSGO) version is modeled after the Italian Benelli Nova, a shotgun developed by Italian firearms manufacturer Benelli Armi SpA. In the game, both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are able to use this gun. Luckily, Steam Marketplace offers a wide selection of Nova skins CS2 (CSGO) and every player has the opportunity to customize their weapons to best suit themselves.

The Nova in Combat

The Nova is the cheapest shotgun in CS2 (CSGO). It’s capable of dealing pretty strong damage, but unfortunately, it has the lowest penetration power among these types of weapons, which makes it less effective against armed opponents. Additionally, it tends to be quite inconsistent. It’s hard to predict whether the player will score a perfect one-shot kill or miss the target altogether. Luckily, the Nova shotgun also has its advantages. These include the lowest pellet spread in its category and a decent magazine. It can turn out to be a really good investment that will come in handy in various rounds of the game.

Cosmetic Skins

There is a wide selection of Nova CS2 (CSGO) skins available on the Steam Market. The shotgun provides really good value for money and therefore, it is always in high demand. Players are constantly searching for unique designs such as the Nova Hyper Beast or the Nova Candy Apple. The cheapest Nova skins are the Sand Dune and the Mandrel, as both usually cost a mere few cents. The most expensive CS2 (CSGO) Nova skins are the Blaze Orange and the Baroque Orange. The prices of their Factory New versions can reach up to $160 and $90, respectively.

Some of the Best Nova Skins:

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