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The Negev is one of the most popular machine guns skins available in Counter Strike 2 and Global Offensive. The weapon originated in the Middle East, as it is based on the Israeli IMI Negev, which is manufactured by the company IMI Systems (previously known as Israel Military Industries). Interestingly, the Negev used to be the most expensive weapon in CSGO, but a few years ago its price was significantly reduced (from $5700 to $1700), so now you can get it at a fairly normal price. It can be used by both Terrorists and Counter Terrorists.

The Negev in Combat

The Negev machine gun inflicts pretty high damage, but it does not provide the ability to kill an enemy in a single shot. It has a magazine capacity of 150 rounds, and its rate of fire amounts to 800 RPM. It is worth noting, that both of these features are superior to its main in-game competitor, the M249 (which is more than three times more expensive with a price tag of $5200!). Unfortunately, the Negev also has some downsides. It is known for poor shooting accuracy and a very long reload time of 5.7s. On top of that, Plus, it doesn’t perform well on the move, as it slows the player down a lot and has a high spread of fire.

Cosmetic Skins

CSGO offers many high quality Negev skins. There are both affordable and expensive options available on the Steam marketplace. One of the cheapest Negev skins is the Ultralight with all of its exteriors costing less than $1. The most expensive skin, on the other hand, is the Mjölnir from the Norse collection. Its Battle Scarred version runs for almost $1000, while the Factory New version for as much as $1700.

Some of the Best Negev Skins:

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