Negev | Prototype Machinegun Skins

Negev | Prototype (Factory New)
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Type Machine Gun
Weapon Negev
Skin Prototype
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Yellow, Gray

Introducing the Negev | Prototype Skin for Counter-Strike Enthusiasts

Welcome to, where you’ll find first-class skins for your favorite game, Counter-Strike. Today, we’re excited to showcase the Negev | Prototype skin, a fantastic and unique addition to your collection.

The Negev: A Powerful Beast for Your Gameplay

The Negev skins is an absolute powerhouse in the game, perfect for players looking to keep opponents at bay with its impressive, pinpoint suppressive fire capability. However, mastering this beast can be challenging, as it does require some patience and control to use effectively.

Negev | Prototype Skin: A Work-In-Progress Marvel

Our Negev | Prototype skin features a captivating custom paint job in vivid white and red hues. Its eye-catching design is still being perfected, giving you the opportunity to own a piece of Counter-Strike history while the Negev skin’s final iteration is being developed.

Own the Unique Version 1.2.1 Patent 3422107 Negev | Prototype Skin

This limited edition Negev | Prototype skin carries the distinct version number 1.2.1 and patent number 3422107, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to your gaming experience.

## Enhance Your Counter-Strike Arsenal with the Negev | Prototype Skin

Don’t wait any longer to add this amazing Negev | Prototype skin to your Counter-Strike collection. Head over to today and elevate your gameplay with this remarkable, work-in-progress marvel!

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