Negev | Palm Machinegun Skins

Negev | Palm (Factory New)
Factory New $ 93.70
Minimal Wear $ 8.12
Field-Tested $ 6.62
Well-Worn $ 6.49
Battle-Scarred $ 6.49

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Type Machine Gun
Weapon Negev
Skin Palm
Rarity Industrial
Colors Orange, Yellow

Negev | Palm: Unleash the Beast in Your Gameplay

The Negev skins is truly a formidable weapon in the Counter-Strike world, enabling its wielder to keep adversaries at bay with its highly accurate suppressive fire. Mastering control over this powerful armament may take some time, but once you gain that luxury, you will be unstoppable on the battlefield.

A Memento from Gwalior with a Touch of Nature

This particular Negev | Palm skin pays tribute to the historic city of Gwalior with its unique design. Created through a delicate process, the skin is spray-painted using intricate cardboard cutouts, fine mesh sheets, and real palm leaves as stencils. The result is a beautiful, nature-inspired pattern that captures the essence of Gwalior’s rich heritage.

Beautiful Today, Ashes Tomorrow

The Negev | Palm skin mirrors the transient beauty and eventual decay found in the natural world. As you wield this impressive weapon, take a moment to appreciate its attractive design—today, it’s a testament to the exquisite artistry, but tomorrow, it could all be reduced to ashes on the battlefield.

Embrace the power of the Negev and adorn it with the beautiful Negev | Palm skin, a striking reminder of both strength and the fleeting nature of splendor. Enhance your Counter-Strike experience and intimidate your opponents with this spectacular addition to your arsenal today.

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