Christmas on SkinsMonkey
Christmas on SkinsMonkey

Negev | Mjölnir Machinegun Skins

Negev | Mjölnir (Factory New)
Factory New $ 2,900.39
Minimal Wear $ 2,900.39
Field-Tested $ 2,696.12
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Machine Gun
Weapon Negev
Skin Mjölnir
Rarity Classified
Colors Orange, Red

Introducing the Negev | Mjölnir Skin

Unleash the power of the mighty Negev skins with the stunning Mjölnir skin! This weapon is designed for players who crave the perfect balance between firepower and style. With its intimidating presence and unique design, the Negev | Mjölnir will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Features of the Negev | Mjölnir

The Negev is an absolute powerhouse, capable of keeping your enemies at a distance with its unparalleled suppressive fire. Although it takes some time to master, once you’ve gained control over this fearsome beast, it will quickly become a formidable ally on the battlefield.

Featuring a custom red paint job, the Negev | Mjölnir proudly displays a selection of intricate Norse runes, adding a touch of ancient mystique to its fierce appearance. As the legend goes, “This is all Loki’s fault…” – but you’ll be more than grateful for this divine intervention as you dominate the field in Counter-Strike.

Make Your Mark with the Negev | Mjölnir Skin

Ready to add this epic skin to your arsenal? The Negev | Mjölnir is waiting to help you ascend to new heights in your favorite game. Don’t miss your chance to make a powerful statement and leave a lasting impression with this eye-catching and formidable addition to your weapon collection.

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