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The M249 in CSGO is a light machine gun skins inspired by the American weapon of the same name. Interestingly, the American M249 was modeled after the Belgian FN Minimi manufactured by FN Herstall, a leading firearms manufacturer in Belgium. The US adapted it for the United States Armed Forces. This machine gun has appeared in every installment of the Counter Strike series to date and is known for being the most expensive gun in the game. Both Terrorists and Counter Terrorists can use it, although Terrorists cannot obtain the M249 in Assassination Maps.

The M249 in Combat

The best part of the M249 is that it deals a lot of damage, and has high penetration power. On top of that, it is equipped with a large magazine of 100 rounds and a reserve of 200 rounds (but note that just as the gun itself is very expensive, so is the ammo). Unfortunately, the M249 is also characterized by a long reload time, slow fire rate, and heavy weight, which can significantly slow the player down. It is most recommended for medium-range combat.

Cosmetic Skins

There is a relatively small number of M249 skins available in CS. However, all of them are high quality and provide good value for money. Each player will be able to find the perfect choice for themselves for an affordable price. The cheapest M249 skin is the O.S.I.P.R, with all of its exterior versions costing less than $1 on the Steam Market. The most expensive option, ideal for players with a slightly bigger budget, is the Blizzard Marbleized from the Office collection. Its Factory New version can go for as much as $100.

Some of the Best M249 Skins:

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