M249 | O.S.I.P.R. Machinegun Skins

M249 | O.S.I.P.R. (Factory New)
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Type Machine Gun
Weapon M249
Skin O.S.I.P.R.
Rarity Milspec
Colors Black

M249 | O.S.I.P.R. - The Ultimate Light Machine Gun

Are you ready to make a statement on the battlefield? The M249 | O.S.I.P.R. is the perfect choice for players who prioritize accuracy and high ammo capacity over rapid fire. With its distinct gunmetal grey finish and epic Combine logo, this custom-painted LMG is an excellent open-area weapon.

Custom Design for Maximum Impact

The M249 | O.S.I.P.R., also known as the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle, is tailored to suit the needs of players who require power and precision in their arsenal. The gunmetal grey custom paint job adds a sense of vitality and style to this already formidable weapon.

Bring Your A-Game with the M249 | O.S.I.P.R.

By choosing this incredible LMG, you’re not only embracing high accuracy and impressive ammo capacity, but you’re also making a bold statement. The sleek design and Combine logo will make your opponents respect your choice of weaponry. Embrace the power and style of the M249 skins | O.S.I.P.R. and dominate the open areas in your Counter-Strike battles.

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