M249 | Shipping Forecast Machinegun Skins

M249 | Shipping Forecast (Factory New)
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Type Machine Gun
Weapon M249
Skin Shipping Forecast
Rarity Industrial
Colors Cyan, Blue

M249 | Shipping Forecast: Dominate the Battlefield with Zodiac Precision

A Powerful Open-Area LMG for the Tactical Player

The M249 skins is an ideal choice for players who prefer increased accuracy and a large ammunition supply over speed. This reliable Light Machine Gun (LMG) excels in open-area combat scenarios, allowing you to hold your position and control the battlefield effectively.

Immerse Yourself in the Mysteries of the Zodiac

Featuring a vibrant hydrographic Zodiac design, the M249 | Shipping Forecast skin adds a touch of cosmic intrigue to your game. Embrace the power of the stars and unlock your potential as you take on your opponents with this uniquely adorned weapon.

Are You Willing to Trade Speed for Precision?

If you’re the kind of player who appreciates strategic play and steady aim, the M249 | Shipping Forecast is your perfect weapon. Dominate your enemies with exceptional accuracy and an impressive ammo capacity. Remember, speed isn’t everything; sometimes, the future belongs to those who look to the stars.

Equip the M249 | Shipping Forecast skin and find out what the cosmos has in store for you. With its exceptional precision and striking Zodiac design, there’s no limit to what you can achieve on the battlefield.

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