M249 | Magma Machinegun Skins

M249 | Magma (Factory New)
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Type Machine Gun
Weapon M249
Skin Magma
Rarity Milspec
Colors Orange, Lime, Red

M249 | Magma: Dominate Open Spaces With a Burning Rate of Fire

Introducing the M249 | Magma, a powerful open-area light machine gun (LMG) perfect for players who prioritize precise accuracy and an exceptional ammo capacity over a rapid firing speed. This incredible weapon is designed to bring the heat, ensuring that you dominate the battlefield every time.

Volcanic Magma Pattern with a Fiery Patina

The M249 | Magma flaunts an intense design that oozes power and fiery aggression, with its copper-plated parts masked in a sizzling magma motif. This blazing pattern is brought to life with a striking red patina, achieved through the expert application of sodium chloride and intense heat. But it doesn’t stop there! The unmasked sections of the weapon have been further accentuated by an elegant darkening process, using oxidization and liver of sulfur to create a fierce contrast that completes this astounding look.

Equip Yourself with the M249 | Magma for Unrivaled Results

The M249 | Magma is not just about appearance; it’s a reliable choice for gamers seeking utmost accuracy and a substantial ammo capacity in a light machine gun. Unleash your full potential on the battlefield with this formidable weapon that expertly balances slow fire rate with unyielding power. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the M249 | Magma your ultimate weapon of choice and turn every game in your favor.

Choose M249 | Magma and Set the Battlefield Aflame

Blaze your way to victory with the M249 skins | Magma, redefining your gaming experience with its exquisite design and flawless performance. Set the battlefield ablaze with this remarkable LMG and redefine what it means to be a true gaming champion. Discover the perfect weapon for your arsenal and elevate your game to a whole new level – all with the M249 | Magma.

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