★ Karambit | Ultraviolet Knife Skins

★ Karambit | Ultraviolet (Factory New)
Factory New $ 2,043.74
Minimal Wear $ 1,234.85
Field-Tested $ 988.04
Well-Worn $ 889.39
Battle-Scarred $ 847.16

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Karambit
Skin Ultraviolet
Rarity Covert
Colors Gray

Introducing: ★ Karambit | Ultraviolet

A Unique Blend of Style and Lethality

Inspired by the ferocity of a tiger’s claw, the karambit knife has its roots deeply embedded in the Southeast Asian martial art of silat. With its gracefully curved blade, this knife epitomizes the perfect balance of elegance and deadly intent.

Designed for Expert Handling

The karambit knife is an ideal tool for those experienced in martial arts, as it best performs with a reverse grip, where the finger ring rests on the index finger. This unique design ensures precision and agility, giving its wielder the edge they need in intense combat situations.

A Stunning Color Scheme

The ★ Karambit skin | Ultraviolet sets itself apart with its visually striking combination of colors. Carefully spray-painted in black and purple, this knife is guaranteed to grab attention! Each individual component of the design is coated in these bold, solid tones, reinforcing the artistry and attention to detail that went into crafting this exceptional blade.

A Weapon with a Bold Personality

The ★ Karambit | Ultraviolet is not just deadly, but a stylish statement piece. Its distinctive black and purple color scheme symbolizes its elegant design, which perfectly complements its brutal intent. The result is a knife that is both visually appealing and lethal – a unique addition to any player’s arsenal for a memorable gaming experience on skinsmonkey.com.

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