★ Karambit | Night Knife Skins

★ Karambit | Night (Factory New)
Factory New $ 2,342.60
Minimal Wear $ 1,084.96
Field-Tested $ 944.57
Well-Worn $ 907.39
Battle-Scarred $ 859.11

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Karambit
Skin Night
Rarity Covert
Colors Cyan

Introducing the ★ Karambit | Night Skin

Experience the stealth and power of the ★ Karambit | Night, a stunning skin inspired by the fearsome tiger’s claw. This skin adds a touch of darkness and mystery to your Counter Strike arsenal, ensuring that you stand out among your opponents.

A Glimpse into the Karambit’s History

Originating from the rich martial arts culture of Southeast Asia, particularly the practice of silat, the karambit boasts a unique design that mirrors the deadly claw of a tiger. The signature curved blade, paired with its reverse grip technique, ensures versatility and precision in movement.

Discover the Night Ops Color Scheme

The ★ Karambit | Night Skin captures the essence of night operations with its striking color scheme. Each component of the knife is carefully spray-painted with solid colors, ensuring that the final result is a cohesive and impactful representation of stealth and power.

Finger Ring for Added Control

Experience true mastery over your weapon with the ★ Karambit | Night’s finger ring, designed to fit snugly around your index finger. This key feature enhances your grip on the knife and ensures optimum control during critical moments in your gameplay.

Embrace the Power of the Night

With the ★ Karambit skin | Night Skin, you’ll feel the whisper of the wind as you strike with precision and the thrill of victory as you claim victory over your enemies. Unleash the prowess of the tiger and embrace the darkness with this must-have skin in your Counter Strike collection.

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