★ Karambit | Bright Water Knife Skins

★ Karambit | Bright Water (Factory New)
Factory New $ 1,142.78
Minimal Wear $ 1,047.55
Field-Tested $ 982.30
Well-Worn $ 876.67
Battle-Scarred $ 858.22

Community Rating

5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Knife
Weapon ★ Karambit
Skin Bright Water
Rarity Covert
Colors Blue

★ Karambit | Bright Water: Trade, Buy and Sell on SkinsMonkey

Looking to trade, buy, or sell the ★ Karambit | Bright Water skin for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Look no further than SkinsMonkey, where you can find a wide selection of CS2(CS:GO) skins including the stunning ★ Karambit | Bright Water.

History of ★ Karambit | Bright Water Skins

The ★ Karambit | Bright Water skin was introduced to the game on June 15, 2016, as part of the “Gamma Exposure” update. This captivating skin can be found in any of the “Gamma” cases available in CS2(CS:GO). With its matte camouflage pattern in various shades of blue on the blade and dark gray handle with blue inserts, the ★ Karambit | Bright Water is a true standout.

Who Created the ★ Karambit | Bright Water

The ★ Karambit | Bright Water skin was created by a talented artist within the CS2(CS:GO) community. Their artistic prowess gave birth to this remarkable design that has since become a fan favorite.

How much does ★ Karambit | Bright Water cost?

If you’re looking to add the ★ Karambit skin | Bright Water to your collection, you may be wondering about its price range. The cost of this remarkable skin can vary depending on factors such as its condition and rarity. Visit SkinsMonkey to discover the current prices for the ★ Karambit | Bright Water skin.

★ Karambit | Bright Water - Float Score

The Float Value of a ★ Karambit | Bright Water can range from 0.00 to 0.50. As the Float Value increases, abrasions become more visible, particularly in the handle. Higher Float Values may exhibit numerous scratches and abrasions. Remember, the level of wear on a skin can influence its overall appearance and value.

How Rare is ★ Karambit | Bright Water?

While the ★ Karambit | Bright Water skin is undoubtedly a sought-after item among CS2(CS:GO) players, its rarity can vary. Explore SkinsMonkey to find out more about the availability and rarity of the ★ Karambit | Bright Water, and to potentially acquire this impressive skin for your arsenal.

Which CS2(CS:GO) case has a ★ Karambit | Bright Water?

The ★ Karambit | Bright Water skin can be found in all of the “Gamma” cases in CS2(CS:GO). If you’re hoping to unpack this stunning skin, try your luck with one of these cases or head over to SkinsMonkey to see if they have it available for purchase or trade.

★ Karambit | Bright Water Collection

The ★ Karambit | Bright Water belongs to the Bright Water collection, a series of skins known for their captivating designs and exceptional quality. If you’re looking to complete your collection or find other skins from this series, be sure to check out what SkinsMonkey has to offer.

Note: Looking to buy, trade, or sell CS2(CS:GO) skins? Check out SkinsMonkey, your go-to platform for all your CS2(CS:GO) skin needs. Start exploring now!

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