P2000 | Urban Hazard Pistol Skins

P2000 | Urban Hazard (Factory New)
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Type Pistol
Weapon P2000
Skin Urban Hazard
Rarity Milspec

P2000 | Urban Hazard: A Bold Choice for Unarmored Combat

Step into the world of Counter Strike with the eye-catching P2000 | Urban Hazard. This exceptional German-made first-round pistol is designed for accuracy and control, making it an ideal choice to square off against unarmored opponents.

Distinctive Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Elevate your game with this uniquely styled P2000 | Urban Hazard, featuring a custom-designed grayscale camouflage grip and a striking red slide. Its bold appearance is sure to make a statement on the battlefield, while its remarkable accuracy provides the edge you need to secure victory in those high-stakes rounds.

Ultimate Performance in Every Shot

The P2000 | Urban Hazard dares players to take on challenges head-first. With its exceptional handling and accurate targeting, this pistol outshines its competition. Prepare to dominate those first-round face-offs as you bring much-needed precision to your gameplay, especially when facing opponents without armor.

Ready for Action, Warning Ahead

When you equip the P2000 | Urban Hazard, you’re letting everyone else on the battlefield know that you’re a force to be reckoned with – and they’d better be prepared for it. As the red slide suggests, hard hats are required beyond this point, so proceed with caution and be ready to show your foes what you’re made of.

Explore new horizons in the Counter Strike universe with the P2000 | Urban Hazard, guaranteed to boost your game and set you apart on the battlefield with its impeccable accuracy and unforgettable design.

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