P2000 | Turf Pistol Skins

P2000 | Turf (Factory New)
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Type Pistol
Weapon P2000
Skin Turf
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Lime

P2000 | Turf: Ideal First-Round Pistol

Introducing the P2000 | Turf, a versatile and reliable sidearm that’s perfect for taking down unarmored players in the first round. Precision and control are the hallmarks of this German-engineered pistol, offering users a dependable performance right out of the gate.

Striking Design with Metallic Green Finish

Not just a top choice for functionality, the P2000 | Turf also makes a bold style statement. The grip and slide are adorned with an eye-catching metallic green paint, ensuring your weapon stands out among the competition. You’ll be reminded that “the grass is always redder on the opposing side” as you wield this sleek and vibrant firearm.

Taking Control in Every Match

When the stakes are high, and you’re up against fierce competitors, trust in the P2000 | Turf to deliver the power and accuracy you need. Perfect for eliminating unarmored foes, this serviceable pistol can be your secret weapon toward victory on the battlefield.

Upgrade Your Arsenal with the P2000 | Turf

Don’t miss your chance to own this distinctive and efficient sidearm. Enhance your game strategy and make your mark with the P2000 skins | Turf – the pistol that proves there’s more to a firearm than meets the eye.

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