Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard Pistol Skins

Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard (Factory New)
Factory New $ 1.50
Minimal Wear $ 1.07
Field-Tested $ 0.85
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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Type Pistol
Weapon Five-SeveN
Skin Urban Hazard
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Red, Gray

Introducing the Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard Skin

Discover a whole new level of style and performance with the Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard skin. Elevate your gameplay while making a striking statement on the battlefield with its unique design and impeccable accuracy.

Exceptional Accuracy & Armor-Piercing Capability

The Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard boasts incredible accuracy and powerful armor-piercing bullets. While it may be priced higher than its competitors, its performance more than justifies the cost. Furthermore, this exceptional weapon may load slowly, but it compensates for this with its ample 20-round magazine and minimal recoil.

Custom Painted for a Sleek, Urban Look

Stand out from the competition with the Urban Hazard, featuring a custom urban camouflage paint job adorned with eye-catching red accents. Inspired by the world’s leading designer gunsmiths, this skin showcases the latest trends and designs in the industry. The annual Booth event draws the finest talent worldwide to present their groundbreaking creations, and the Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard stands proudly among them.

In summary, the Five-SeveN skins | Urban Hazard offers not only remarkable accuracy and armor-piercing capabilities but also an exceptional, modern look that will set you apart on the battlefield. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your Counter Strike experience with this sought-after skin.

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