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The FAMAS is a weapon available in the Counter Strike series. It is modeled after the assault rifle (of the same name) made by the French manufacturer MAS. The French military uses it as a service rifle. In Global Offensive, the FAMAS is modeled after the FAMAS G1, whereas in the previous games the rifle was modeled after the FAMAS G2. It is a weapon used by Counter Terrorists only.

The FAMAS in Combat

The FAMAS is known for being one of the most affordable weapons in CSGO. Its main perk is the burst firing mode, which is able to increase its rate of fire to 800 RPM (from 666 RPM, in the auto mode). It is worth noting that only two weapons in the game have this option, the other being the Glock 18. The FAMAS has a magazine capacity of 25 rounds, and a reserve of 90 rounds (excluding the Xbox edition, which has a reserve of 75). Unfortunately, for an assault rifle, it inflicts quite low damage and has a rather long reload time of 3,3s. Nevertheless, it still provides good value for money and is one of the best options for cash-strapped players.

Cosmetic Skins

The FAMAS has a wide range of skins available and most of them are very affordable. One of the cheapest FAMAS skins is the Colony, which usually costs less than $1, but a much more aesthetically pleasing option is the blue Cyanospatter, which costs around the same. The most expensive FAMAS skin is the Spitfire, however, its price tag is still quite low as the Factory New version runs for at most $90.

Some of the Best FAMAS skins:

If you’d like to find out more about the best CSGO skins, be sure to check out the Skins Monkey blog, where you can read all about them!

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