FAMAS | ZX Spectron Assault Rifle Skins

FAMAS | ZX Spectron (Factory New)
Factory New $ 7.48
Minimal Wear $ 2.78
Field-Tested $ 1.28
Well-Worn $ 0.85
Battle-Scarred $ 0.85

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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon FAMAS
Skin ZX Spectron
Rarity Restricted
Colors Red, Black, Gray

FAMAS | ZX Spectron: A Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

Introducing the FAMAS | ZX Spectron skin, a cost-effective option for players facing limited budgets. This remarkable skin empowers you to bridge the gap between costly high-end rifles and the not-so-powerful SMGs. Inspired by old-school gaming PCs, you’ll be at the top of your game with this unique custom paint job.

Colorful and Vibrant Design, Making Clive Proud

The FAMAS | ZX Spectron skin features a sleek black base contrasted with eye-catching multicolored accents. This mesmerizing design pays homage to the gaming PCs of the past, and Clive would be beyond proud. Unleash your inner nostalgia as you wield this aesthetically vibrant piece of in-game hardware.

Upgrade Your Arsenal with the FAMAS | ZX Spectron Skin

Stay ahead of the curve without breaking the bank with the FAMAS | ZX Spectron skin. Dominate the battlefield and make a statement with this throwback-inspired design that captures the essence of gaming’s brightest moments. Upgrade your arsenal today and let your opponents stare in envy at the one-of-a-kind FAMAS skins | ZX Spectron!

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