XM1014 | Watchdog Shotgun Skins

XM1014 | Watchdog (Factory New)
Factory New $ 4.48
Minimal Wear $ 1.70
Field-Tested $ 1.07
Well-Worn $ 0.65
Battle-Scarred $ 0.65

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Type Shotgun
Weapon XM1014
Skin Watchdog
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Yellow, Lime

Introducing the XM1014 | Watchdog Skin

Discover the incredible power and performance of the XM1014 | Watchdog, a fully automatic shotgun designed to make a statement. Its higher price tag is more than justified by its ability to rapidly fill any space with a flurry of lead. With a striking custom paint job and a superior design, this shotgun is sure to become your go-to weapon in the game of Counter Strike.

Custom Painted Design with Guardian Lions

The XM1014 | Watchdog boasts a beautiful and unique design, featuring a rich jade green base color complemented by the presence of two guardian lions carefully watching in both directions. These majestic creatures, painted with incredible detail, serve as a symbol of protection and prosperity for the weapon’s wielder.

A Third Lion to Complete the Trio

Beneath the rear sight of this impressive shotgun, you’ll find a third guardian lion, completing the impressive ensemble. This third lion adds an extra layer of power and symbolism to the XM1014 | Watchdog, making it the perfect skin for those who wish to stand out on the battlefield and show off their fierce, protective spirit.

Get the XM1014 | Watchdog Today and Prosper

Equip the XM1014 | Watchdog in your game and watch your performance soar to new heights. The exceptional design of this skin, combined with its fully automatic capability and power, make it a must-have for any dedicated Counter Strike player. Protect and prosper, and show off your unique style with the stunning XM1014 skins.

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