XM1014 | Scumbria Shotgun Skins

XM1014 | Scumbria (Factory New)
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Type Shotgun
Weapon XM1014
Skin Scumbria
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Gray

XM1014 | Scumbria: A Heavy-Hitting Powerhouse

Introducing the XM1014 | Scumbria, a fully automatic shotgun that packs a powerful punch. With its impressive ability to unleash a hail of lead within seconds, this formidable firearm more than justifies its premium price tag.

Subtle and Striking Design

The XM1014 | Scumbria skin showcases a tasteful blend of metallic paints that result in an understated yet eye-catching finish. This sleek design is perfect for distinguishing your weapon from the rest and makes a strong statement on the battlefield.

A Father’s Love - A Tale of Strategy and Passion

Featuring a memorable quote, “Let’s not be hasty: there may be another way to get Valeria’s attention… - A Father’s Love Part 3”, this skin carries a deeper meaning for its user. Inspired by a gripping story, the XM1014 | Scumbria sparks conversations and demonstrates the player’s strategic approach to the game. The journey continues with this unique and powerful skin.

Embrace the true potential of your gaming prowess and make a bold statement with the XM1014 skins for Counter-Strike. Enhance your arsenal with this impressively designed and distinctively powerful weapon skin, and leave a lasting impression on your competitors.

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