PP-Bizon | Lumen Smg Skins

PP-Bizon | Lumen (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon PP-Bizon
Skin Lumen
Rarity Milspec
Colors Black

Introducing the PP-Bizon | Lumen Skin

Prepare to light the way with the impressive PP-Bizon | Lumen skin for your favorite Counter-Strike SMG! Although the Bizon might be known for its low damage, it more than makes up for it with its uniquely designed high-capacity drum magazine, giving you a quick and seamless reloading experience.

Custom Painted Black with Red Accents

The PP-Bizon | Lumen skin boasts a stunning custom paint job that features a sleek black base with striking red accents. This bold color combination will surely make your weapon stand out on the battlefield and capture the attention of your opponents.

A Magazine That Resembles A Flashlight

But the unique design doesn’t stop there! The magazine of the PP-Bizon | Lumen has been carefully painted to resemble a flashlight, adding an extra touch of ingenuity to this already incredible skin. With this skin equipped, you’ll truly light the way for your teammates as you dominate the battlefield together.

Illuminate the Battle with the PP-Bizon | Lumen Skin

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to upgrade your Bizon SMG with the one-of-a-kind PP-Bizon | Lumen skin. Illuminate the way for your team and leave a lasting impression on your foes. Acquire your very own PP-Bizon | Lumen skin today and get ready to light up the Counter-Strike world!

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