PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod Smg Skins

PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod (Factory New)
Factory New $ 2.78
Minimal Wear $ 1.28
Field-Tested $ 0.65
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Type SMG
Weapon PP-Bizon
Skin Fuel Rod
Rarity Restricted
Colors Green

Introducing the PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod Skin

Experience a unique twist on your gaming arsenal with the PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod skin for Counter Strike. This specially designed skin transforms the PP-Bizon skins SMG, creating an eye-catching and stylish addition to your weapon collection.

High-Capacity Drum Magazine for Rapid Reloading

While the Bizon SMG may be low-damage, it compensates with a cleverly designed high-capacity drum magazine. This enables quicker reloading, giving players an edge in the heat of battle. Devastate your enemies with swift and relentless firepower as you storm through the game.

Custom Painted for a Radiant Appearance

The PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod skin features a custom paint job that creates the illusion of irradiated ammunition. This striking design exudes a radioactive glow, letting you intimidate your opponents with the sheer power of your weaponry.

Proof That Grunts Can Have an Edge

The combination of rapid reloading and captivating design proves that sometimes, grunts can have the upper hand, too. With the PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod skin in tow, you’ll show your opponents that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Upgrade your Counter Strike gaming experience with the bold and powerful PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod skin – it’s time to take your victories to a whole new level.

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