P250 | Sand Dune Pistol Skins

P250 | Sand Dune (Factory New)
Factory New $ 0.22
Minimal Wear $ 0.10
Field-Tested $ 0.10
Well-Worn $ 0.10
Battle-Scarred $ 0.10

Community Rating

5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Pistol
Weapon P250
Skin Sand Dune
Rarity Consumer
Colors Orange, Yellow

P250 - Sand Dune: Buy and Trade on SkinsMonkey

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This is among the most inexpensive Souvenir class weapon skins you can get in CSGO. On top of this, its classic looks make the P250 Sand Dune an obvious choice for those who aren’t sure which skin to buy.

Historical Record

The P250 Sand Dune was added to CSGO on November 27, 2013, as part of the Dust 2 Collection. The official update during which the skin got released is called “Out with the old, in with the new”.

Market Demand

This skin has more than above average popularity. It may not be among the best of the best, but it still has a relatively high demand. Its price ranges between $0.04 and $40, making it one of the most inexpensive skins on the CSGO market. There are also thousands upon thousands of listings, so you will always be able to purchase it.

Design Description

The Sand Dune’s design is a classic one with nothing truly special to look at. All it offers is a unique sand dune color theme and an inscription near the bullet hole. Sadly, this weapon skin ages terribly as its Wear Level decreases.

Basic Parameters

The P250 Sand Dune has a Float Value span of 0.06 - 0.80, still ensuring that the skin is available in all conditions. It is a Consumer-Grade pistol that has a Souvenir version available.

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