P250 | Crimson Kimono Pistol Skins

P250 | Crimson Kimono (Factory New)
Factory New $ 39.58
Minimal Wear $ 33.15
Field-Tested $ 32.08
Well-Worn $ 31.45
Battle-Scarred $ 31.45

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Type Pistol
Weapon P250
Skin Crimson Kimono
Rarity Industrial
Colors Orange

Introducing P250 | Crimson Kimono: The Perfect Balance of Power and Style

Embrace the true potential of the highly popular P250 skins, a low-recoil and high rate of fire weapon that is the ideal choice for combating armored adversaries. The P250 | Crimson Kimono is a cost-effective option, delivering both style and substance to those who dare to wield it.

A Distinctive Design: Geometric Hydrographic

The P250 | Crimson Kimono isn’t just a powerful weapon - it’s also a beautifully crafted piece of art. The skin has been exquisitely painted with a hydrographic that showcases an intricate geometric motif. This encapsulating design is the perfect accompaniment to the gun’s impressive performance capabilities.

The Traitor and The Truthseeker Part 2: Wisdom in Warfare

This striking P250 | Crimson Kimono skin has its roots in the thrilling tales of The Traitor and The Truthseeker Part 2. The skin reminds us that every individual can be overcome, as long as we can locate their weaknesses and apply pressure strategically. Progress through various missions while wielding the P250 | Crimson Kimono, and hold onto this valuable insight, empowering you throughout your Counter-Strike conquests.

So, load up your arsenal with the stunning P250 | Crimson Kimono skin, and master the battlefield with exceptional firepower and an unmatched artistic flair.

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