MP5-SD | Kitbash Smg Skins

MP5-SD | Kitbash (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon MP5-SD
Skin Kitbash
Rarity Restricted
Colors Yellow

Introducing the Remarkable MP5-SD | Kitbash Skin

Indulge yourself in the game of Counter Strike with the unrivaled MP5-SD | Kitbash skin, an iconic piece of weaponry known for its versatility and worldwide popularity. The superb MP5-SD skins submachine gun has experienced numerous attempts at imitation, yet its unique charm remains unmatched in the gaming world.

The MP5-SD | Kitbash: A Silent Force to be Reckoned With

What sets the MP5-SD apart is its integrated silencer, transforming an already powerful weapon into something stealthy and near-silent, perfect for sneaking up on your opponents. Enjoy the satisfaction of outsmarting your rivals with the whisper-quiet performance offered by this one-of-a-kind skin.

A Custom Paint Job Representing 20 Years of MP5 Evolution

The MP5-SD | Kitbash features a custom paint job that pays tribute to the 20-year legacy of MP5 designs. This unique aesthetic is held together by a captivating combination of duct tape, zip ties, and glue, symbolizing the unwavering pursuit of the perfect skin.

An Iconic Skin That Keeps Improving

The exceptional MP5-SD | Kitbash skin embodies the idea of never giving up — constantly iterating, refining, and perfecting. After all, as the saying goes, “If at first (and second and third) you don’t succeed…”, the MP5-SD | Kitbash stands as a testament to perseverance and endless improvement in the world of Counter Strike skins.

Upgrade your weapon of choice and show off your unique style with the remarkable MP5-SD | Kitbash skin, available now at

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