MP5-SD | Acid Wash Smg Skins

MP5-SD | Acid Wash (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon MP5-SD
Skin Acid Wash
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Black

Introducing the MP5-SD | Acid Wash Skin

The legendary MP5-SD skins is a fan-favorite in the world of counter strike with its unmatched versatility and widespread use. Presenting the MP5-SD | Acid Wash skin - a tribute to this iconic SMG, infused with a unique and striking flair.

Unparalleled Stealth and Style

The MP5-SD variant takes this classic weapon to new heights of efficiency and power by integrating a silencer, rendering it whisper-quiet while remaining immensely effective. The savvy blending of function and aesthetics has turned the MP5-SD | Acid Wash skin into a must-have for fans of the game.

A Prepossessing Acid-Washed Finish

The eye-catching design of the MP5-SD | Acid Wash skin is a result of exposing its metallic blue topcoat to acid before assembly. This distinct acid-washed finish imbues an air of aggression, further complemented by the polished brass hardware. The end result: a stunning weapon that is equally “black and blue and brass all over.”

Own the MP5-SD | Acid Wash Skin Today

In the world of Counter Strike, having exceptional weapons also means exhibiting an imposing appearance. This one-of-a-kind MP5-SD | Acid Wash skin boasts both its legendary performance and alluring looks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your arsenal and stand out on the battlefield with this remarkable skin. Get yours now!

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