MAG-7 | Sonar Shotgun Skins

MAG-7 | Sonar (Factory New)
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Type Shotgun
Weapon MAG-7
Skin Sonar
Rarity Mil-Spec

MAG-7 | Sonar: An Unstoppable Force in Close Quarters Combat

The MAG-7 | Sonar is a powerhouse weapon exclusively for the Counter-Terrorist side. Its impressive power and damage output at close range make it an absolute menace for the opposition. With a swift magazine-style reloading mechanism, this shotgun guarantees unrivaled tactical advantage in intense situations.

Stunning Turquoise Stencil Design

Not only is this weapon fierce in combat, but it also boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. The subtle turquoise stencil motif enhances its visual appeal, making it a perfect addition to any passionate gamer’s collection. As the saying goes, “You’re right, losing is a new experience for me - The Oni and The Valkyrie Part 2,” a sentiment that translates perfectly to the dominating presence of the MAG-7 | Sonar.

Experience the Devastating Power of the MAG-7 | Sonar

Equip this formidable MAG-7 skins | Sonar and leave your enemies awestruck at your close-range prowess. The remarkable design coupled with the weapon’s performance makes it an indispensable choice for any dedicated Counter-Strike player. Don’t miss out on adding this gem to your arsenal - elevate your gaming experience today!

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