MAG-7 | Monster Call Shotgun Skins

MAG-7 | Monster Call (Factory New)
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Type Shotgun
Weapon MAG-7
Skin Monster Call
Rarity Restricted
Colors Blue, Yellow

MAG-7 | Monster Call: Unleash the Beast Within

Dive into the world of Counter-Strike with the powerful and exclusive MAG-7 | Monster Call skin for the CT-side. Designed for close-quarters combat, the MAG-7 skins packs a devastating punch and offers quick, magazine-style reloads. This makes it an ideal weapon of choice for tactically-minded players looking to dominate their opponents.

Custom painted for a monstrous aesthetic

Not only does the MAG-7 | Monster Call deliver high performance, but it also boasts an eye-catching custom paint job. A cool, blue base serves as the perfect backdrop for the detailed underwater creatures that adorn the weapon, giving it an eerie and mysterious appearance inspired by the depths of the ocean. Embrace the saying, “There’s always a bigger, greener fish,” as you showcase your powerful weapon skin on the battlefield.

Command the seas with the MAG-7 | Monster Call

Complete your virtual arsenal with the intimidating and unparalleled MAG-7 | Monster Call skin. Its impressive combination of powerful design and unique aesthetics ensures that you’ll stand out among fellow players in Counter-Strike. Prepare to rule the seas and dominate your opponents with this exceptional weapon skin. Take your game to the next level with the MAG-7 | Monster Call, the ultimate symbol of your mastery in close-range combat.

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