MAC-10 | Last Dive Smg Skins

MAC-10 | Last Dive (Factory New)
Factory New $ 3.63
Minimal Wear $ 1.92
Field-Tested $ 1.70
Well-Worn $ 1.68
Battle-Scarred $ 1.50

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Type SMG
Weapon MAC-10
Skin Last Dive
Rarity Restricted
Colors Orange

Introducing the MAC-10 | Last Dive Skin

Discover the beauty of chaos with the MAC-10 | Last Dive skin. Designed for the MAC-10 Submachine Gun (SMG), it’s a testament to the power and appeal of this versatile weapon. With a high rate of fire and some trade-offs in spread accuracy and high recoil, this skin adds a touch of artistic flair to your arsenal.

Unleash Chaos with the MAC-10 | Last Dive

The MAC-10 is much more than just a box for bullets—it’s a powerful tool that lets you unleash overwhelming firepower in the heat of battle. Despite its poor spread accuracy and high recoil, the MAC-10 skins SMG remains a favorite for its impressive fire rate.

Hand-Painted Artistry

The MAC-10 | Last Dive skin comes adorned with a unique, randomized green and orange pattern expertly hand-painted to enhance the gun’s aesthetics. This vibrant design serves as a reminder that even in the midst of chaos, there’s something beautiful to appreciate.

Equip the MAC-10 | Last Dive skin and let its captivating colors bring a touch of chaos to your gaming experience. It’s the perfect visual representation of the balancing act between firepower and precision—an artistic reminder of the beauty hiding within the chaos of combat.

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