MAC-10 | Echoing Sands Smg Skins

MAC-10 | Echoing Sands (Factory New)
Factory New $ 0.87
Minimal Wear $ 0.35
Field-Tested $ 0.22
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Type SMG
Weapon MAC-10
Skin Echoing Sands
Rarity Industrial
Colors Orange

MAC-10 | Echoing Sands: Trade, Buy and Sell on SkinsMonkey

Looking to upgrade your MAC-10 skin in Counter Strike? Look no further than MAC-10 | Echoing Sands. This unique skin was added to the game on April 24, 2023, as part of the Anubis Collection. If you’re a fan of abstract patterns and sandy hues, this skin is sure to catch your eye. Created by renowned artist dC^, MAC-10 | Echoing Sands is a standout addition to your weapon collection.

History of MAC-10 | Echoing Sands Skins

MAC-10 | Echoing Sands made its debut in the gaming world on April 24, 2023. This striking skin is part of the Anubis Collection, which was released alongside The Anubis Collection update. The talented artist, dC^, is the mastermind behind the design of this skin. With its abstract pattern of wavy lines, beige accents, and sand colors, MAC-10 | Echoing Sands is truly a work of art.

Who Created the MAC-10 | Echoing Sands?

The artist behind MAC-10 | Echoing Sands is none other than the talented dC^. With a keen eye for design and a knack for creating visually stunning weapon skins, dC^ has made a name for themselves in the Counter Strike community. The abstract pattern and sand-colored hues of MAC-10 | Echoing Sands are a testament to their artistic skill.

How Much Does MAC-10 | Echoing Sands Cost?

Interested in adding MAC-10 | Echoing Sands to your collection? The price of this skin can vary depending on its condition and market demand. Whether you’re looking to trade, buy, or sell MAC-10 | Echoing Sands, the cost will be determined by factors such as wear and availability. Keep an eye on the market trends to make the most out of your investment in this unique skin.

MAC-10 | Echoing Sands - Float Score

The float value of MAC-10 | Echoing Sands can range from 0.02 to 0.80, allowing you to find this skin in all conditions. Whether you prefer a factory new look or don’t mind a slightly worn appearance, you can find a MAC-10 | Echoing Sands that suits your style. As the wear levels increase, the skin takes on a darker tone, adding a touch of intensity to your gaming experience.

How Rare is MAC-10 | Echoing Sands?

MAC-10 | Echoing Sands is a skin that is part of the Anubis Collection, making it relatively exclusive. While not the rarest skin in the game, it still holds a level of desirability among collectors and players alike. The unique abstract pattern and sandy color scheme make MAC-10 | Echoing Sands a rare find in the Counter Strike community.

Which Case Contains MAC-10 | Echoing Sands?

If you’re wondering which case grants you the chance to obtain MAC-10 | Echoing Sands, it can be found in the Anubis Collection. Keep an eye out for this collection when opening cases, and you may just land this stunning skin for your MAC-10.

MAC-10 | Echoing Sands Collection

The MAC-10 | Echoing Sands skin is part of the Anubis Collection, a set of skins released alongside The Anubis Collection update. With its abstract pattern, sandy color scheme, and remarkable design, MAC-10 | Echoing Sands is a standout addition to this collection. Whether you’re a collector or a player looking to add a unique touch to your loadout, this skin is a must-have.

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