CZ75-Auto | Vendetta Pistol Skins

CZ75-Auto | Vendetta (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 0.85
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Type Pistol
Weapon CZ75-Auto
Skin Vendetta
Rarity Milspec

Introducing the CZ75-Auto | Vendetta Skin

Become unstoppable with the CZ75-Auto | Vendetta skin, a bold and unique design that will undoubtedly upgrade your weapon collection in Counter Strike. As an automatic variant of the classic CZ75, this specially designed skin adds both style and a tactical advantage to your game. But with limited ammo in its magazine, you’ll need exceptional trigger discipline to make the most of it.

A Skin with History and Artistry

Every battle-hardened player knows that this particular skin tells a captivating story. Over the years, the CZ75-Auto | Vendetta has been etched with intricate designs, drawn on with immense detail, and visibly hardened with extensive use - reflecting the determination and grit of its past owners. This much sought-after skin embodies a statement that clearly says, “From my cold, dead hands.”

Master the Art of Tactical Advantage

It’s not just about style, but also about strategy. With the CZ75-Auto | Vendetta skin by your side, you’ll be equipped to turn the tables against your opponents and seize their weapons in no time. This premium skin is tailored for those who possess the strong discipline and skills required to be the best in battle. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your game with the powerful CZ75-Auto | Vendetta skin, available exclusively at

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