CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm Pistol Skins

CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm (Minimal Wear)
Factory New $ 5.77
Minimal Wear $ 5.77
Field-Tested $ 5.77
Well-Worn $ 5.65
Battle-Scarred $ 5.65

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Type Pistol
Weapon CZ75-Auto
Skin Midnight Palm
Rarity Industrial
Colors Gray

Introducing the CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm Skin

Get ready to make a statement with the highly sought-after CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm skin. This magnificent skin enhances the already formidable CZ75-Auto skin, a fully automatic sidearm perfect for those intense moments when you need to quickly disarm your enemy and seize their weapon. Be warned though, with limited ammunition in the magazine, precision and trigger discipline are crucial.

Immerse Yourself in the Exotic Midnight Palm Design

The CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm doesn’t just offer a top-notch performance, but also captivates with its exquisite design. The unique, dark charm of this skin comes from the fusion of spray-painted black palm fronds, elegantly layered over a smoky gray and deep purple camouflage backdrop. With such an exceptional appearance, you’ll truly feel like you’re wielding a one-of-a-kind weapon.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with the CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm

When it comes to standing out from the competition in Counter-Strike, the CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm has you covered. Channel the essence of the saying “The sign says closed!” and shut down your opponents with style, exuding confidence and finesse. Available now on, don’t miss out on the chance to equip yourself with this inimitable skin and dominate the battlefield.

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