★ Skeleton Knife | Scorched Knife Skins

★ Skeleton Knife | Scorched (Factory New)
Factory New $ 743.29
Minimal Wear $ 450.87
Field-Tested $ 410.28
Well-Worn $ 386.01
Battle-Scarred $ 354.93

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Skeleton Knife
Skin Scorched
Rarity Covert
Colors Gray

Introducing the ★ Skeleton Knife | Scorched

Discover the impeccable craftsmanship of the ★ Skeleton Knife | Scorched, designed to spice up your Counter-Strike experience. This one-of-a-kind skeletonized-tang knife features a distinct handle, optimized with taped grips for improved handling and a comfortable feel. Enhance your in-game performance with the increased stability and safety, thanks to the strategically placed hole in the knife’s design, allowing you to thread your finger through.

A Sun-Dappled Pattern for a Flaming Appeal

Stand out from the crowd with the visually captivating sun-dappled pattern on this ★ Skeleton Knife | Scorched. The vivid and fiery design makes it a unique and unforgettable style statement for avid Counter-Strike gamers. Embrace the symbolism of the Phoenix, expertly spray-painted on the knife’s surface, reminding you that it’s not just about destruction, but also an emblem of rebirth, as proclaimed by Valeria Jenner, Revolutionary.

Elevate Your Counter-Strike Arsenal

The ★ Skeleton Knife skin | Scorched is more than just a stylish cosmetic upgrade for your collection - it’s a testament to your commitment to the game and its lore. Celebrate the revolution and harness the power of rebirth with this stunning knife skin, and outshine your opponents in every match with an unparalleled sense of flare. Don’t miss out on your chance to own this remarkable piece of Counter-Strike history, elevating not just your gameplay, but your aesthetic too.

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